MyTec Electronics

NOTE: I do NOT make or sell Mytec equipment nor am I affiliated with Jeff Jarian (commanderkang/admiraldecker) in any way.

I can do repairs upon request.

For the Rear Admiral HyperDrive (Lt. Kernal Clone):

ltk_manual ltk_dos-commands HyperDrive_Addendum LTKSysGenUtils

For the Rear Admiral ThunderDrive (CMD HD-Series clone):

CMD_Hard_Drive_Users_Manual CMD-HDUtils CMD HD BOOTROM v280 MYTEC TD BOOTROM v120

For the Rear Admiral FireDrive models (CMD FD Series clones):

CMD_FD_Series_Users_Manual CMD-FDutils – a D81 that is corrected, the disk included with MyTec drives is always defective (bad GEOS files). CMD FD-2000 DOS V1.40 – Original CMD FD-4000 DOS MyTec V1.40

For the LightningLink (RamLink clone):

CMD_RamLink_Users_Manual CMD RAMLink DOS V140
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