FS: Barzilay console w/ Scott 299-C amp, Scott 350-B tuner, and Garrard Type-A turntable, fully restored, plug -n- play!

Barzilay stereo console and matching speakers!

I am not a skilled refinisher. The cabinet finish is in very good condition, but may benefit from skilled touch-up. Some lightening of the black finish appears to be from sunlight exposure. No major dings or scratches!

This console has its original Scott 299-C integrated amplifier, Scott 350-B tuner, and Garrard Type-A turntable.

The 299-C and 350-B are completely electronically restored and ready to play!

Nearly 100% original tubes, such as Scott 7591s, Telefunken 12AX7s. Tubes only renewed as necessary.

The Garrard Type-A turntable has been thoroughly cleaned, idler wheel replaced, and is ready to spin!

Has original manuals/paperwork!

Asking $2999, but feel free to make an offer! Contact through the site, local to Portland, Oregon area.

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