Custom Guitar Amp Prototype Build

This project was for a business customer interested in creating a new 55 watt guitar amplifier. The prototype here is for testing the electronic design, and for adding/trying modifications.

The mock layout is shown here, however it was reversed left-right so the inputs will be on the left opposite of the power supply. The goal was to make a smart layout that looked good, with plenty of room for additions or modifications.

Here’s a top view of the chassis with everything mounted. Some items were placed as assembly progressed.

The front view of the same.

Here we can see two things, the power is on with the pilot lamp lit, and the addition of a toggle switch near the output tubes to offer connection options of standard or distributed load.

Assembly proceeding inside.

This is the final product as delivered to the customer for testing. Using 6550 output tubes at 475 plate volts via the 5AR4 rectifier yielded 55 watts pentode connected, 50 watts distributed load. The gain stages and driver tube are all 12AX7s. There was no audible noise or hum with no input connected, so the grounding is good.

More to come as the project progresses!

2 thoughts on “Custom Guitar Amp Prototype Build

  1. Hello,

    Would it be possible to get a parts list and schematic? Also, do you have any sound clips from the finished build? Thank you.

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