My first amplifier!


My first amplifier, which I finished in 2004. The first time. It was rebuilt inside and with a new power transformer for a dramatic improvement. It is about to be rebuilt a final time, using the same circuit on a newly layed-out and painted chassis.


Here’s the schematic of this amplifier as it exists today. It’s using 7C5 (a loktal-based 6V6), 7F7 (a loktal-based 6SL7), and output transformers salvaged from a Scott 222 integrated amplifier found at a junkyard. The Scott had been ON FIRE! But the parts I needed were good…

2 thoughts on “My first amplifier!

  1. Are you still out there? If you are can you give guidance on value for choke in power supply and impedance of output transformer.
    Albuquerque, NM

    • The choke is a 1.5h Dynaco clone such as used in Stereo 70. Anything close to that really. Push-pull output transformers could be anywhere from 5k to 8k plate to plate, 10 watts or higher, to speaker impedance.

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